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About Us

About the Operation-Initiative Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Operation-Initiative Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports veterans diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder. The Foundation also provides support for the nonpaid caregivers of these veterans. It is because of the increasing need to provide cost-effective services for these veterans and their caregivers that the Foundation has formed its Outreach Transitional Center.

The Outreach Transitional Center is a division of the Operation-Initiative Foundation. The purpose of the Center is to identify veterans who are being and have been discharged from one of the branches of the U.S. military and plan to reside on Long Island. The Center will also identify the veterans’ family caregivers; whether they are currently serving as caregivers, have been caregivers, or may be doing so in the future. Through the identification of veterans and family caregivers, outreach services will be provided to veterans and their caregivers that will enable them to participate in one or more of the programs and services offered through the Center. It is through the process of identification, outreach and engagement that the Center will foster the effective and timely provisioning of programs and services with the goal to help alleviate the negative health and socioeconomic impact of post traumatic stress (PTS) on the veterans and their family caregivers.

Mission Statement

Operation-Initiative Foundation’s (OIF) mission is to provide awareness, information, as well as holistic services and support to veterans, policemen, firemen, nurses, first responders, and EMTs diagnosed with or are suffering with post-traumatic stress (PTS) and to the family caregivers of these veterans.

Through advocacy, education, holistic and financial support, the Foundation strives to be a central resource for veterans and their caregivers who reside on Long Island; including the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.


To be the leading organization on Long Island that serves veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and their caregivers.

Louis Falco
President / Founder
(631) 926-2066
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Lon Ivey
Vice President

Craig McNabb
Vice President

Paul Stephen Beeber, Esq.
Chairman Pro Tempore, Board of Directors
Rhoda Graber

Jennifer Scott

Katherine Gibson
Editor - OIF Manual

Anthony Civitano
Rev. Msgr. James F. Pereda

Rev. Richard Wilson

Robert F. Saunders
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