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All events have been put on hold, by the Operation Initiative Foundation, until the pandemic situation in the State of New York and our country is brought to a halt.


All veterans and caregivers can go to our Web site www.operation-initiative.com using the registration button privately and securely fill out intake forms 1 and 2 for the purpose of signing into our program.


Louis A. Falco retired USMC, President and Founder will follow up with you and introduce you to the OIF’s Outreach Transitional Service, Operation-Initiative Foundation Manual is free for our veteran it can be downloaded off our site , hard copies only on request from  the Veteran and the Caregiver.


Once In-Take forms are complete , Veteran will be ask to provide 1) DD-214, 2) Photo ID, 3) Award letter from Veterans Administration claiming your disability with Post Traumatic Stress.


Operation-Initiative Foundation will introduce the Holistic Nucleus Program to our  veterans and caregivers this program  is design to reduces the effects of Post Traumatic Stress with  successful  holistic treatments that target the symptoms of PTS . A mobile unit has been established in 2019 for veterans and there caregiver to receives certain treatments for post traumatic stress in the comforts  of there own  Living Enviroment.


Also on www.operation-initiative.com we provide forms for Vendors and Practitioner’s who would like to join our network, that will be  combating this situation of Post traumatic stress and the effects it having on our veterans who have given the heart and soul to defend our Country. This is to all American,’” we have 2 very deadly opponents we are facing as a nation right now and it is killing our nation”. Please join Operation-Initiative Foundation in defeating Post Traumatic Stress so we can bring our soldiers home properly and reduce the” Nightmares of War”, so they can live a Happier and Healthier Life.


God Speed,
Louis A. Falco

Sunday, May 3, 2020 


Attention all Veterans and their Caregivers who live in the Brookhaven Area:
Operation-Initiative Foundation present:

"The 2018 Holistic Healing Workshop
for Veterans with PTSD and Mild Traumatic Injury"

April 14, 2018 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
716 Route 25A (In the business district) Rocky Point, New York 11778

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